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Where Australian innovation, sustainability, and community converge to power a brighter, cleaner future

Energy Renaissance isn’t just a company; it embodies Australia’s relentless pursuit of innovation and a sustainable future. It is founded on the belief that we can power the world with the skill and passion unique to Australia. Every product we create is designed, tested, manufactured, serviced, and supported in Australia, ensuring a legacy inherently designed to flourish in the diverse Australian landscape and set new benchmarks for global sustainability.

Uniquely Crafted for Australia and Beyond

Our suite of energy solutions, born from the expertise and passion of Australian talent, is meticulously designed, manufactured, serviced, and supported on our soil. This ensures not just a product but a legacy—tailor-made to thrive in Australia’s unique landscapes and to pave the way for global sustainability standards. 

Championing Local Industries and Environment

We proudly source over 90% of our components from Australian suppliers, a commitment that strengthens local industries and underscores our dedication to minimising our environmental footprint. This practice isn’t just about building batteries; it’s about fuelling Australian job creation, supporting community growth, and leading by example in the global shift towards more sustainable manufacturing practices. 

Setting the Standard in Cybersecurity

Australian innovation is at the heart of our technology — our SuperBMS™ and SuperEMS™ systems. Developed entirely by Australian minds, these systems set the global standard for cybersecurity in the energy sector, ensuring your peace of mind with unparalleled protection against digital threats. 

Proud to be Australian-Owned

Energy Renaissance mirrors the excellence and forward-thinking nature of Australian innovation. By choosing us, you support an Australian-owned company and a collective of Australians passionate about making a real difference in our world. Our endeavour is deeply rooted in local growth, technological innovation, and a sustainable future. 

From Concept to Community: A Promise Kept

Every Energy Renaissance product embodies our promise: to be authentically Australian from concept to community. Our journey of creation, entirely on Australian soil, is supported by a team that lives and breathes the ethos of innovation and sustainability. By selecting Energy Renaissance, you’re not just investing in a battery but embracing a future where technology and nature exist in perfect harmony. 

Real Stories, Real Impact

Meet the faces behind our products—local engineers, designers, and support staff whose dedication and talent breathe life into our vision. From our partnerships with local suppliers to collaborative projects with CSIRO, every step we take is a stride towards a brighter future. Our stories of community engagement, environmental stewardship, and technological breakthroughs are not just narratives but our reality. 

Your Future, Powered by Real Australian Innovation

We reinforce our unwavering commitment to Australia’s prosperity, environmental health, and the global advancement of clean, secure energy with every product. Energy Renaissance is a beacon of Australian excellence, innovation, and commitment in a world that craves sustainable solutions. We invite you to join us on this journey, where choosing Australia means choosing quality, security, and a future where we all thrive. 

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Energy Renaissance respects and acknowledges the traditional custodians of Country throughout Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise their rich cultures and connections to land, sea and community. Together, we commit to building a sustainable future together.

Energy Renaissance have received endorsement from Reconciliation Australia for our inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan. Click to view our full RAP and commitment to Reconciliation.