powering special-purpose electric vehicles with clean, reliable, and affordable energy solutions

Operators of special purpose electric vehicles, including electric buses, vans, trucks, defence, mining, and airport vehicles, confront distinct hurdles impacting their operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These challenges range from inconsistent charging infrastructure and fluctuating energy costs to the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions. At Energy Renaissance, we are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art battery technologies specifically designed for the Australian special purpose electric vehicle market.

our advantages

ruggedised design

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Our lithium-ion batteries are engineered for Australian conditions. With a ruggedised design, they withstand unsealed roads and remote locations, ensuring easy transportation and reliable performance.

optimised for hot climates

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Our batteries are designed specifically for hot-climate performance, reducing costs and extending their lifespan by requiring less cooling. This means a more efficient energy solution.


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Developed in collaboration with CSIRO, our proprietary Battery Management System software is cyber-secure and integrates seamlessly with other systems. This guarantees the smooth and secure operation of your energy storage solution.


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Our Australian Energy Management System integrates solar inverters, battery inverters and diesel generators to create a secure, easy-to-use monitoring and management system for your vehicles energy needs.

benefits for special purpose electric Vehicles

unmatched durability and climate resistance

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Our batteries are ruggedised and optimised for hot climates, ensuring reliable performance even in Australia's harshest conditions. Engineered for resilience, they withstand the rigours of special purpose vehicle applications, from mining to defence, providing consistent power when needed most.

sovereign, secure, and sustainable

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With over 90% of components sourced locally and a lifecycle designed for recycling and second life, our batteries support a sustainable, sovereign supply chain. This reduces environmental impact and enhances energy security, contributing to a greener, more resilient Australia.

cutting-edge cybersecure technology

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Our batteries feature a unique, cybersecure battery management system developed by CSIRO. This 100% Australian innovation ensures safe, efficient operation, protecting your special purpose vehicles from potential cyber threats and ensuring uninterrupted performance.

comprehensive local support

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We design, manufacture, service, and support our batteries in Australia's first Gigafactory in Tomago, NSW. This ensures immediate, knowledgeable support and maintenance, minimising downtime and maximising the lifespan and performance of your special-purpose vehicles.

efficiency, productivity and profitability

Tackling the unique challenges encountered by today's operators of special-purpose vehicles, such as buses, vans, and heavy transport.

inconsistent charging infrastructure

Problem: Inconsistency in charging infrastructure can range from inadequate charging stations, varying plug standards, and differing charging speeds to unreliable power availability across locations. This variability impedes the transition to electric vehicles, leading to extended downtime due to slow or inaccessible charging, route limitations due to sparse station coverage, and the potential for unexpected power deficiencies during crucial operations.

Solution: Energy Renaissance’s battery solutions offer a stable and reliable energy source that reduces dependence on traditional power supply methods. Renaissance superStorage™ battery solutions provide a stable and reliable energy source that reduces dependence on inconsistent charging infrastructure. With Energy Renaissance batteries, you can ensure that your vehicles are always ready for operation, preserving service quality and minimising the risk of operational delays.

meeting sustainability targets

Problem: Operators of special-purpose electric vehicles, such as buses, vans, and heavy transport, are facing increasing demands to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, putting pressure on them to adopt sustainable energy solutions.

Solution: Our clean energy battery solutions enable your fleet to meet sustainability targets, ensuring continued operation in a market increasingly committed to environmental responsibility. With Energy Renaissance batteries, you can drive towards a greener future while maintaining operational efficiency.

rising fuel costs

Problem: Special-purpose electric vehicles, such as buses, vans, and heavy transport, rely heavily on diesel fuel. However, the increasing cost of diesel makes this a costly solution for vehicle operators.

Solution: Energy Renaissance batteries offer an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to diesel-powered vehicles. By transitioning to our battery solutions, operators can significantly reduce operating costs and carbon footprint, making their fleet more sustainable and cost-effective.

fluctuating energy prices

Problem: Energy costs continues to rise, putting pressure on the operating costs and profitability of operators of special-purpose electric vehicles, such as buses, vans, and heavy transport.

Solution: By integrating our battery solutions into your fleet, you can significantly reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and protect your operations from fluctuating energy prices. Energy Renaissance batteries offer a more predictable and stable energy cost, enhancing the financial sustainability of your fleet. 

integration & monitoring

Problem: The complexity and time-consuming nature of monitoring and tracking energy needs can negatively impact operational efficiency. Furthermore, security vulnerabilities within existing energy management systems pose a serious risk, further exacerbating the difficulties faced by fleet managers.

Solution: Our superEMS™™️ seamlessly integrates with your vehicle’s existing systems, providing a secure and easy-to-use monitoring and management system for your fleet’s energy needs. With Energy Renaissance, you can streamline your energy management, saving time and enhancing operational efficiency.


Invest in the future with an Australian-made, safe, cost-effective, and sustainable battery solution tailored to the unique demands of special-purpose electric vehicles, such as buses, vans, and heavy transport.

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