Renaissance superSilent™

Australian designed and manufactured lithium-ion battery storage systems. Safe, secure and ruggedised for Defence applications.


Designed and made in Australia, the superStorage™ platform delivers defence-grade safety and security

value per kWh

SuperStorage™ energy density and manufacturing cost efficiencies ensure a reduced lifetime cost of energy

climate optimised

Uniquely optimised for hot climates with customised operating temperature range

australian made

Manufactured, serviced and supported in Australia

supply security

A supply and support chain at the local level

deployable power systems


Powered by the superStorage™ platform, the superSilent Swift™ is a safe, ruggedised rapid-deployment battery energy source ideal for stationary silentwatch applications.

  • Enable silent watch
  • Improve supply reliability
  • Optimise generator efficiency
  • Reduce generator run time


Potential applications include:

  • Air and Sea Lift
  • Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, space and cyber
  • Land Combat and Amphibious Warfare
  • Maritime and Anti-Submarine Warfare

Energy Renaissance offers a unique sovereign capability, delivering improved energy security and supply to Defence. Australian owned and operated, Energy Renaissance has designed the Renaissance superStorage™ platform together with its research collaborator CSIRO.


Safe, high-energy LFP prismatic cells controlled by the proprietary Renaissance superBMS™ design delivers world-class safety and cyber-security in land and marine applications.


The superStorage™ platform supports the Defence Estate Energy Strategy, to ensure energy supplies are secure and continuously available and deliver on it’s initiatives to:

  • Improving the Efficiency of Existing Assets and Equipment
  • Providing Efficient New Infrastructure and Equipment
  • Using Energy from Renewable and Alternative Sources
  • Driving Energy Saving Behaviour

We partner with Defence integration specialists – Edison Projects Australia – whose highly experienced team of defence professionals ensure energy storage solutions are designed and built for optimised defence requirements and deployment.