Designed for safe transportation and operation in hot-climate conditions and employing proprietary battery management technology, our superRack™ and superCube™ products are designed to address a wide range of stationary energy storage utility, grid and microgrid applications in Australia and South-East Asia. Delivering high energy density in energy and energy+ configurations, easily configured and highly scalable, these systems are designed for the toughest of conditions.


Build a localised grid that can disconnect from the main power grid, operating independently and reinforcing overall grid resilience

renewable firming

Firm up renewable generation by reconciling the intermittency and storing excess capacity to dispatch when needed

capacity spinning reserve

Provide power or energy capacity to the grid as a standalone asset

load shifting

Shift energy consumption from point in time to another

transmission & distribution support

Supply power or energy capacity at a distributed location to defer or eliminate the need to upgrade ageing grid infrastructure

demand charge reduction

Discharge at times of peak demand to avoid or shave demand charges

ancillary services

Provide services to the grid in response to signals sent from utilities, Transmission System Operators (TSO) or other grid service providers

demand response

Discharge or charge in response to signals from a demand response administrator or aggregator

solar self-consumption

Maximise consumption of on-site clean power

emergency backup

Provide intermediate backup power in the event of a grid interruption. Stand alone or tied to solar.

Great for Australia


“Energy Renaissance will make clean and affordable energy more accessible and create greater energy security for Australia and our neighbouring countries.”


– Senator Holly Hughes, October 2020


Safe, hot-climate optimised and ruggedised, the superStorage™ transport battery system is ideally suited to heavy-duty transport applications including bus, van, truck, train, airport and special purpose electric vehicles. Safety and durability are built in, maximising vehicle range with high energy density systems. A flexible modular platform and BMS fits within a wide range of vehicles, while a ruggedised pack design protects against the harshest environments.

lower maintenance

With no engine maintenance, fuel system, cooling or exhaust system costs, the superStorage™ platform dramatically reduces maintenance costs

silent operation

Air-cooled and powered by safe clean stored energy, superStorage™ transport runs silent with no emissions

hot-climate performance

The superStorage™ platform is optimised for hot-climate conditions and delivers exceptional operating efficiency and economy.


Modular superStorage™ packs provide a wide range of capacity and packaging options for different types of electric vehicles.


Ruggedised Renaissance superPaks™, with built in reinforcement and further separated from passengers by a heavy-duty structural barrier deliver tough batteries for the harshest of environments.


Design and materials suited for harsh outdoor environmental conditions, while the pack design allows for easy separation of components for recycling purposes.

transport-aware BMS

The proprietary Renaissance battery management system includes a range of built-in features to optimise vehicle safety and performance.

made in Australia

Designed and manufactured in Australia by Energy Renaissance, the superStorage™ transport battery systems are compact, safe and powerful.