Powering Australian agriculture with clean, reliable, and affordable energy solutions

Australian farmers face unique challenges affecting their efficiency and profitability, from unreliable grid connections and fluctuating energy prices to increasing diesel costs and the pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. At Energy Renaissance, we are committed to providing cutting-edge battery solutions tailored to the Australian agricultural industry.

Benefits for dairy farmers

Improved energy reliability

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Our batteries provide a stable and reliable energy source, ensuring milking occurs on time and preventing milk spoilage due to energy disruptions.

Reduced operating costs

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As energy prices and diesel costs continue to rise, our battery solutions offer an affordable alternative to traditional power sources. By integrating solar and storage technology, you can significantly lower your farm’s operational expenses.

Meeting sustainability goals

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With major dairy customers pushing for net zero carbon emissions by 2030, our clean energy solutions enable your farm to meet these environmental targets, ensuring continued business with key customers and favourable terms with financiers.

Enhanced energy independence

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Our battery solutions reduce your reliance on the grid and diesel generators, empowering you to take control of your farm’s energy future.

Our advantages

Simplified installation

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Our superRack™ systems are uniquely pre-configured in a controlled factory environment, undergoing rigorous testing and quality control. Shipped with all battery packs in place and requiring no on-site assembly, our systems are ready for immediate setup upon delivery. This reduces installation time and minimises on-site engineering work and labor costs.

Minimal maintenance

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Our battery is the only one in its class designed without liquid cooling, tailored specifically for local conditions. This results in simpler maintenance requirements and eliminates ongoing costs, providing the best value for lifetime cost.

Maximised longevity

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Our Australian-made battery is designed for recyclability and performance longevity. Its unique modular, non-welded design, combined with cell and pack-level testing and monitoring, reduces the need for complete system replacement. Instead, individual packs can be replaced, simplifying maintenance, service, and support.

Optimised warranty

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By choosing our Australian-designed and manufactured product, you avoid any third-party warranty issues. We offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty on our superRack™ battery systems, covering both indoor and outdoor units. This warranty ensures performance and guarantees the longevity of your battery system.

Efficiency, productivity and profitability

Energy Renaissance provides unique battery solutions to address the specific challenges faced by Australian farmers, such as unstable grid connections, volatile energy prices, rising diesel costs, and the need to reduce their carbon footprint.

Farming the Sky, diesel replacement installation, South Australia

Unreliable grid connections

Problem: Dairy farms often suffer from unreliable grid connections due to their location on low-quality power lines. This can lead to disruptions in milking schedules and result in poor milk quality or spoilage.

Solution: Our battery solutions provide a stable and reliable energy source that reduces dependence on grid connections. With Energy Renaissance batteries, you can ensure that milking occurs on time, preserving milk quality and minimising the risk of spoilage

Meeting sustainability targets

Problem: Dairy farm customers are increasingly demanding net zero carbon emissions by 2030, placing pressure on farmers to adopt sustainable energy solutions.

Solution: Our clean energy battery solutions enable your farm to meet these sustainability targets, ensuring continued business with major dairy customers committed to environmental responsibility.

Rising diesel costs

Problem: Diesel generators are often used as backup power sources and for powering pivot irrigation systems, but the increasing price of diesel makes this an expensive solution for farmers.

Solution: Energy Renaissance batteries offer an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to diesel generators, reducing your farm’s operating costs and carbon footprint.

Fluctuating energy prices

Problem: Grid power prices continue to increase, putting pressure on your farm’s operating costs and profitability.

Solution: By integrating our battery solutions with solar technology, you can generate your own clean and renewable energy, significantly reducing your reliance on grid power and protecting your farm from fluctuating energy prices.

Integration and monitoring

Problem: Managing various energy sources, such as solar panels, diesel generators, and battery systems, can be complex and time-consuming.

Solution: Our SuperEMS™ seamlessly integrates solar inverters, battery inverters, and diesel generators, providing a secure and easy-to-use monitoring and management system for your farm’s energy needs.

Customer success stories

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Invest in the future of your farm with an Australian-made, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solution tailored to the unique demands of Australian agriculture.

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