uniquely designed for cybersecurity and hot-climate ruggedised operation

unique technology platform

Renaissance superStorage™ batteries are uniquely designed by CSIRO for cybersecurity and hot-climate ruggedised operation, are manufactured, serviced and supported in Australia using over 90% Australian content and are optimised for second life and recycling. Providing the lowest total cost and most complete commercial battery in Australia.


Sovereign battery management system powering all systems

The core of all superStorageTM batteries is our integrated cybersecure, hyper-accurate and Australian battery management system – superBMS™


Simple, safe and secure with a wide range of voltage configurations to allow for maximum inverter compatibility.

  • Cybersecure architecture for safe and trusted remote management.
  • Safety settings are factory-locked to balance flexibility with safety.
  • Includes built-in coil drivers that can energise and de-energise contactors.
  • Provides bi-directional contactor control to reduce the risk of contactors arcing and welding during disconnection under load.
  • Disconnects the batteries from the power path if safety thresholds are exceeded or contactors become damaged.
  • Detects faulty voltage and temperature sensor wiring or fused contactors and will not connect the stack if they are present.
  • Provides real-time battery data directly to environmental controls and other safety systems.
  • Australian designed, built and managed
  • manages all superStorageTM batteries 
  • powers all superStorageTM applications
  • constantly improving firmware updates and feature additions ensure the Renaissance superBMSTM is always ready to support new technologies.
Printed circuit boards for superBMS™ Pack and Rack
  • Sovereign
  • Hot-climate optimised
  • Cyber Secure


sovereign energy management system providing quick and easy operation

Ensuring compatibility and easy integration with most battery inverters for simple plug-and-play installation.


Renaissance superEMS™ provides an installer and customer-level interface to remotely monitor and control your energy generation.

  • Auto/Manual modes
  • Zero export, full export, isolate panels to maximise $ savings
  • Electrical load control
  • Real time charts, alerts and reports
  • Energy management
  • Virtual Power Plant
  • Utility management
  • Real-time power flow control and monitoring
  • Generation and demand based load switching
  • Peak demand reduction and load switching
  • Unique master and slave setups for custom requirements
  • Metering, grappling and logging data
  • User configuration & dashboard monitoring via desktop
    or mobile app
  • The Block Controller provides intelligent management for up
    to 16 superRackTM systems as well as connectivity to local and remote ESS control systems.
  • Designed, manufactured, serviced and supported in Australia.
  • One point of contact for certifications, warranty, services and support.
  • Real-time local and remote monitoring.
  • Monitor and set the desired minimum state of charge, generation and load at given times in the day of batteries remotely via mobile or desktop app.
Renaissance superEMS™ PUK
  • quick and easy
  • remote management
  • australian built and operated


Ruggedised, hot-climate optimised australian-made battery pack

Play Video about Still image of superPak™ video explode

The Renaissance superPakTM provides plug-and-play cell compatibility, fast and easy BMS configuration and a rugged design.

  • Powered by cybersecure Renaissance superBMSTM
  • Available for Energy, Medium and Power
  • Built for cell flexibility, energy density and competitive pricing
  • Efficient, standardised design for minimum installation space and flexible rack configurations
  • Real-time local and remote monitoring
  • Easy access, rapid pack maintenance
  • Cell-level fault tolerance
  • Tightly integrated battery management at pack, rack and multi-rack level
  • DC and communications cable
  • Long-term performance warranty
  • External power and data interface
  • Supports second life and recycling
  • Designed, manufactured (from over 90% Australian components), serviced and supported in Australia.
  • One point of contact for certifications, warranty, services and support.
  • Scalable, modular and quick to deploy with a design that allows for flexible placement. Designed to meet various energy requirements.
  • Real-time local and remote monitoring.
  • Highly efficient with minimum system losses.
  • Multi-usage system enabling PV self consumption, peak shaving, load shifting, back-up power, electric vehicle charging station integrations.
  • Hot-climate optimised
  • Ruggedised
  • Australian built

designed for installers to Australian standards and optimised for local conditions

Local installation manuals and extensive Australian pre and post-sales support provided with all our Renaissance superStorage™ solutions.

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