Australian battery technology uniquely designed for cybersecurity and hot-climate operation

Real Australian Cybersecure Battery Management System

The ‘nerve centre’ of all superStorage™ batteries is our integrated  cyber-secure, hyper-accurate and all Australian battery management system (superBMS™). It is responsible for managing a battery’s operations to ensure it is safe, optimised and cyber-secure.

Real Simple Energy Management

The superEMS™ is a superior solution to energy management of battery racks that uses cloud computing to its full to enable remote management both manually via an installer and customer level user interface and automatically via an API. The superEMS™ ensures compatibility and easy integration with most battery inverters for simple plug and play battery installation.

superEMS™ UI
superEMS™ architecture

Renaissance superStorage™ platform

The proprietary Renaissance superStorage™ platform integrates hardware and software components to work seamlessly together, achieving hot-climate optimisation, superior cybersecurity, recyclability, and a high percentage of Australian content. This synergy results in a robust, efficient, and sustainable battery technology platform tailored for the Australian climate and beyond.

Proprietary integration of superBMS™ thermal efficiency, thermal and acoustic insulation, insulating, innovative air cooling and rigorous testing of Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) in A-weighted decibels (dBA) exceeding the most stringent Australian residential noise restrictions.

Provides secure web and mobile remote access and complete management of the system.

Proprietary cybersecurity protection system integrates a secure access system (SAS) with evolutionary security, remote support fortification and holistic security posture.

Proprietary centralised data repository supporting big data queries, analysis and reporting.

Proprietary cybersecure JSON API enables control of superEMS™, and offers feature parity with the superEMS™ UI client.

Proprietary integration of superBMS™ thermal inertia optimisation and thermal fluid dynamic design at superMod™ and superPak™ levels to provide highly efficient hot-climate optimised air cooling.

A proprietary and uniquely cybersecure software provides real-time monitoring, managing, and protecting the successive layers of the battery, cells, packs, and rack to implement the instructions of the EMS. The superBMS firmware interests proprietary primary and secondary PCBS for the secure measurement and management of energy and temperature at the cell, module, pack rack and system level.

Proprietary software and the heart of the system that collects all the data and allows clients to see what’s happening via any device.

Proprietary controller and firmware integrate multiple superRack, inverters, PV converters and air-conditioning (HVAC). 

Proprietary electrical safety and control switchgear system, ensuring operational safety and efficiency.

Proprietary suite of wiring harnesses ensuring safe and efficient electrical connections between the superStorage™ components and external systems.

Connections to a grid power meter, generator, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), and AC-connected PV via a Modbus RTU (RS485) daisy chain or ethernet. 

Wired ethernet connection to the internet.

Proprietary software provides real-time monitoring, managing, and protecting the successive layers of the battery, cells, packs, and rack to implement the instructions of the EMS. 

Proprietary software monitors and protects batteries, inverters, generators, and grid meters, tightly integrated with the superBMS™

Proprietary ruggedised tray, electrical and data comms providing heat-optimised Cell and module level energy and heat monitoring.

Proprietary four-cell recyclable module design incorporates heat-optimised casing, endplates, and compression to maximise thermal efficiency and safety.

The superEMS™️ ModBus energy management system harnesses the robust ModBus protocol to enhance interoperability with existing industrial systems, enabling more efficient and reliable energy management through a widely adopted and trusted communication standard.

Proprietary controller and firmware connect securely to the internet and provide monitoring and control via the client UI and API, integrating grid power meter, diesel generator, automatic transfer switch (ATS), AC-connected PV, and multiple superEMS™ secondary controller(s).

Thermally efficient and energy-dense, the Prismatic Cell format requires fewer electrical connections than competing formats, supporting the ruggedised hot-climate operation. 

Thermally efficient and energy-dense, the Prismatic Cell format requires fewer electrical connections than competing formats, supporting the ruggedised hot-climate operation. 

features and benefits

Modular design allows for scalability

The modular design of the superStorage™ architecture allows for unlimited scalablity, accommodating growing energy needs and enabling seamless expansion.

Defence-grade cybersecurity

Developed in collaboration with CSIRO, the cybersecurity features are ingrained in every facet of the superStorage™ platform, from hardware to software, ensuring a fortress-like security posture, safeguarding our systems against potential cyber adversities.

Engineered for minimal maintenance

Real-time remote management facilitates proactive identification and resolution of potential issues, while the physical design is robust, requiring almost no maintenance.

Australian made

Supports local industry, adheres to high-quality standards associated with Australian manufacturing, and fosters a sense of national pride and economic growth by keeping the manufacturing process within Australia.

Seamlessly interacts with external systems

The superStorage™ technology architecture has been meticulously designed to foster high interoperability, facilitating seamless interaction with external systems and platforms, ensuring that the superStorage™ platform can comfortably nest within a diverse range of operational ecosystems.

Recyclability and second-life

Our strategy is to address the recycling challenge up-front – in the design stage before the beginning of the battery life. By doing this we can reduce sorting complexity, simplify the discharge process, disassembly process and the adoption of second-life batteries.

Innovative air-cooling

To ensure optimal performance and longevity under extreme temperatures in Australia and similar climates, we employ an innovative air-cooling method meticulously engineered to maintain optimal internal temperatures while minimising noise levels.

Acoustic Management System

Our products are engineered to curtail noise levels at a five-metre distance, passing rigorous acoustic tests that measure the Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) in A-weighted decibels (dBA) emitted by the BESS from various angles and configurations to ensure compliance with relevant Australian noise standards.

Safety woven into our designs

Ensures the protection of users, operators, and the environment by adhering to stringent safety standards and incorporating safety features in the design. Click to view full list of industry standards, certifications and regulatory compliances.

Renaissance superStorage™ manufacturing process

Our in-house developed software guarantees seamless integration and exceptional performance, offering you reliability and sovereignty in your energy solutions. At Energy Renaissance, you’re not just buying a battery; you’re joining an eco-friendly revolution, powering your devices with quality, sustainability, and Australian talent.

By choosing our batteries, you’re supporting Australian jobs, boosting local economies, and contributing to a greener planet.

What sets us apart is our commitment to local sourcing, with over 90% of components coming from within Australia. We believe in the power of local: local materials, local software, and local hands. Each battery is a testament to Australian quality, crafted by hands that care for the community because every individual at RENAISSANCE ONE is a resident of the Hunter Region.

cell production


cell cycle testing


module production


module testing


pack production


pack circuit & charge testing


switchgear production


switchgear thermal & electrical testing


BMS production


rack population & wiring


outdoor enclosure production


ER integrates 3rd party products


EMS production & configuration


factory acceptance testing


labelling & packaging for transportation


Designed for installers to Australian standards and optimised for local conditions

Local installation manuals and extensive Australian pre and post-sales support provided with all our Renaissance superStorage™ solutions.

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Energy Renaissance respects and acknowledges the traditional custodians of Country throughout Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise their rich cultures and connections to land, sea and community. Together, we commit to building a sustainable future together.

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