powering Australian mining with reliable, affordable and sustainable energy solutions

Australian miners are facing growing pressure to maintain processing costs and profitability while being sustainable. At Energy Renaissance, we are committed to providing cutting-edge battery solutions tailored to the Australian mining industry.

benefits for miners

improved energy security

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As we transition to renewables out Australian made battery technology is built to help your mine de-risk your gas and diesel supply contracts.

lower levelised cost of energy

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Our Australian made battery technology can help to improve the efficiency of generators by over 30% this is without considering things like coupling solar or power factor correction.

meeting sustainability goals

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With major mining customers pushing for net zero carbon emissions by 2030, our clean energy solutions enable your mine to meet these environmental targets, ensuring continued business with key customers and favourable terms with financiers.

enhanced energy independence

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Our battery solutions reduce your reliance on the grid and diesel generators, empowering you to take control of your mine's energy future.

our advantages

ruggedised design

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Our lithium-ion batteries are engineered for Australian conditions. With a ruggedised design, they withstand unsealed roads and remote locations, ensuring easy transportation and reliable performance.

optimised for hot climates

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Our batteries are designed specifically for hot-climate performance, reducing costs and extending their lifespan by requiring less cooling. This means a more efficient energy solution.


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Developed in collaboration with CSIRO, our proprietary Battery Management System software is cyber-secure and integrates seamlessly with other systems. This guarantees the smooth and secure operation of your energy storage solution.


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Our Australian Energy Management System integrates solar inverters, battery inverters and diesel generators to create a secure, easy-to-use monitoring and management system for your energy needs.

efficiency, productivity and profitability

Energy Renaissance provides unique battery solutions to address the specific challenges faced by Australian miners, such as unstable grid connections, volatile energy prices, rising diesel costs, and the need to reduce their carbon footprint.

Farming the Sky, diesel replacement installation, South Australia

unreliable grid connections

Problem: Mining sites often suffer from unreliable grid connections due to their location on low-quality power lines. This can lead to disruptions in processing and results in costly production delays.

Solution: Our battery solutions provide a stable and reliable energy source that reduces dependence on grid connections. With Energy Renaissance batteries, you can ensure that mining processes occur as scheduled, maintaining logistical costs and minimising the risk of delay liquidated damages.

meeting sustainability targets

Problem: Mining customers are increasingly being pushed to embrace net zero carbon emissions by 2030, placing pressure on miners to adopt sustainable energy solutions earlier than expected.

Solution: Our clean energy battery solutions enable your mine sites to meet these sustainability targets, by ensuring continued energy continuity and security against unreliable grid connections and variable renewable energy production.

rising diesel costs

Problem: Diesel generators are often used as backup power sources and for powering critical mining production processes, but the increasing price of diesel makes this an expensive solution for miners.

Solution: Energy Renaissance batteries offer an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to diesel generators, reducing your mines operating costs and carbon footprint. By optimising your generators efficiency. Reducing the frequency of diesel deliveries and when coupled with solar help to generate carbon offsets.

fluctuating energy prices

Problem: Grid power prices continue to increase, putting pressure on your mine’s operating costs and profitability.

Solution: By integrating our battery solutions with or without solar technology, you can reduce your reliance on grid power, generate your own clean and renewable energy and hedge your mine from future fluctuating energy prices.

integration and monitoring

Problem: Managing various energy sources, such as solar panels, diesel generators, and battery systems, can be complex and time-consuming and come with restrictive software licenses.

Solution: Our SuperEMS™ is generator agnostic and integrates across solar inverters, battery inverters, and diesel generators. This allows us to provide customers a neutral view of their power plant and a secure and easy-to-use monitoring and management system that makes it easy for your team to make your vendors work hard for you.

Invest in the future of mining with an Australian-made, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solution tailored to the unique demands of Australian mining processes.

Contact us today to learn more about revolutionising mining energy management.

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Energy Renaissance respects and acknowledges the traditional custodians of Country throughout Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise their rich cultures and connections to land, sea and community. Together, we commit to building a sustainable future together.

Energy Renaissance have received endorsement from Reconciliation Australia for our inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan. Click to view our full RAP and commitment to Reconciliation.