Battery Power: A Renaissance Solution to Energy Security Amid Rising Blackout Risks

Summer is approaching, and with it comes the scent of barbecues, the joy of beach trips, and unfortunately, the looming threats of blackouts, particularly for Victoria and South Australia. A recent Renew Economy article throws light on the increased blackout risks due to the early closure of coal power plants across the national electricity market. The concern is further exacerbated by the challenges of El Nino and delays in building the required transmission infrastructure.

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Unlocking Sustainable Investment Opportunities in the Hunter Region

The Hunter Region stands at a pivotal juncture, as it navigates the complex landscape of sustainable investment. With its rich history in coal mining and heavy industry, the region is now embracing a transformation towards cleaner and more sustainable economic prospects. Our facility stands as a testament to the Hunter community’s immense potential.

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NSW Premier The Hon. Chris Minns visits Renaissance One facility

We were delighted to host the Hon. (Chris) Christopher John Minns, MP along with Minister Tara Moriarty, Minister for Regional NSW & Agriculture, Minister Penny Sharpe, Minister for Energy, Environment & Climate Change, Minister Kate Washington (Local Member for Port Stephens) and Minister Jenny Aitchison (Local Member for Maitland) at our Renaissance One battery manufacturing facility last week.

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The Great Power Swap: Transitioning to Batteries

As explained in our last article – the cost of consuming an additional electron from the grid is now the same if not more expensive than consuming it from solar energy and solar energy stored in a battery. The next logical question you might ask is when should I consider making the switch to batteries? Well, that is a great question and there are a few very common situations that arise where you find yourself in a position to make an economic choice. Let’s take a look at a few…

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