Australian Conservation Foundation features Energy Renaissance as a Pioneering Clean Tech Manufacturer in Australia’s Energy Transition

Energy Renaissance is excited to collaborate with Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), as a case study for the role of local manufacturing in Australia’s clean energy transition. As a company at the forefront of clean tech manufacturing, especially in The Hunter region, our collaboration with ACF propels us further towards our goal of revolutionising the energy landscape with our uniquely Australian approach.

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Minister Chris Bowen’s Visit Highlights Energy Renaissance’s Commitment to Real Australian Innovation

Today, Energy Renaissance was honoured to welcome the Hon. Chris Bowen, MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy to our state-of-the-art battery manufacturing facility. At Energy Renaissance, we take pride in being at the forefront of the clean energy transition, creating Real Australian batteries that embody the spirit of Australian innovation and sustainability.

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Tackling the Cost of Living Crisis: How Batteries and Solar Unlock Energy Savings for Apartments

As an Australian battery manufacturer, we thrilled to see the proactive steps taken by the NSW, VIC, and Federal governments in making energy efficiency a priority. Their efforts to provide subsidies for solar installations and energy upgrades in apartment buildings are commendable strides toward mitigating the rising cost of living. Yet, while solar power represents a significant leap forward, it’s crucial to understand why this solution alone might not fully harness the potential benefits for energy consumers, especially in multi-unit dwellings.

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Navigating the future of energy: The power of simulation tools in streamlining design and decision-making

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and a pressing need to address climate change, the energy sector stands at a crucial crossroads. The race to integrate renewable energy sources into our grids and commercial properties is not just about environmental stewardship—it’s also about seizing a competitive edge in a swiftly evolving market. As energy companies worldwide gear up to deploy gigawatts (GW) of battery storage, the question arises: how can businesses ensure they are making informed, strategic decisions in this high-stakes environment?

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Battery Power: A Renaissance Solution to Energy Security Amid Rising Blackout Risks

Summer is approaching, and with it comes the scent of barbecues, the joy of beach trips, and unfortunately, the looming threats of blackouts, particularly for Victoria and South Australia. A recent Renew Economy article throws light on the increased blackout risks due to the early closure of coal power plants across the national electricity market. The concern is further exacerbated by the challenges of El Nino and delays in building the required transmission infrastructure.

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