Unlocking Sustainable Investment Opportunities in the Hunter Region

7 September 2023

The Hunter Region stands at a pivotal juncture, as it navigates the complex landscape of sustainable investment. With its rich history in coal mining and heavy industry, the region is now embracing a transformation towards cleaner and more sustainable economic prospects. Our facility stands as a testament to the Hunter community’s immense potential.


Transitioning from traditional industries to sustainable practices can pose challenges. The Hunter Region’s economy has deep ties to fossil fuel industries so the shift towards sustainable investment requires a delicate balance between phasing out legacy industries and fostering new ones, such as renewable energy and advanced manufacturing.


Amid these challenges, the Hunter Region’s potential for sustainable investment is immense. The global push towards renewable energy solutions has opened doors for clean technologies like battery manufacturing. As the demand for energy storage systems surges, the region’s skilled workforce and industrial infrastructure become invaluable assets. This presents an opportunity to pivot towards manufacturing batteries for renewable energy storage, electric vehicles, and grid stabilisation.


The Hunter Region’s geographical advantage plays a role in its sustainable investment dynamics. Its proximity to ports and transportation networks allows for efficient export and import of materials, facilitating global trade of manufactured batteries. Additionally, the region’s supportive government policies and community initiatives promote the growth of sustainable industries.


Battery manufacturing stands as a linchpin in the region’s sustainable future. It addresses environmental concerns, ensures supply chain security, creates employment opportunities, and propels economic diversification. As the world moves towards a greener energy landscape, battery storage becomes pivotal in ensuring stable energy supply from renewable sources. By nurturing a robust battery manufacturing sector, the Hunter Region cements its place at the forefront of the clean energy revolution, contributing both locally and globally.


We were honoured to host the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) and its members including Aware Super, Telstra Super, First Sentier Investors, HESTA, Melior Investment Management, Tcorp, MLC Asset Management Services, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors, Mercer, State Super, The Next Economy and Equip Super at our Renaissance One battery manufacturing facility in Tomago. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase the leaps we have already made towards a greener future in the Hunter Region and talk more about the boundless opportunities for sustainable investment in our backyard.


A huge thank you to the IGCC and its members for their visit. Together, let’s champion advanced manufacturing and unlock the Hunter region’s sustainable promise.


And a special shout-out to our invaluable partners who have been instrumental in our journey. Janus Electric, EDEA, Nexport, Academy Sheet Metal, ATB Morton, Alstra Electrical and HunterNet