superRack™ Twin+PV Outdoor 2X SinExcel S

superRack™ Twin+PV Outdoor 2X SinExcel S

superRack™ Twin+PV Outdoor 2X SinExcel S

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Introducing the superRack™ Twin+PV Outdoor 2x SinExcel S, the perfect power solution for hot and rugged Australian conditions.

Made, designed and serviced right here in Australia, our battery is uniquely optimized for the extreme heat of our country, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance. Additionally, the superRack™ has been ruggedized to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian environment, making it a durable and long-lasting choice. And with its low lifetime cost of ownership, the superRack™ is not only a reliable choice but also a cost-effective one.

The outdoor 16-pack configuration of the superRack™ is equipped with 1 Sinexcel PWS2-30P hybrid inverter, delivering an impressive 123KWh at a maximum of 30Kw and a hybrid PV output of 45 kW.

What sets the superRack™ apart is that it comes integrated with a CSIRO-designed battery management system (superBMS™) and Energy Management System (superEMS™), ensuring that your power is always reliable, safe and efficient. Experience the power of the superRack™ battery, proudly made in Australia.

Tags: Made in Australia,Integrated BMS,Integrated EMS,Ruggedised,Outdoor,Hot Climate Optimised,Designed in Australia
Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
Inverter Output (kW): 30
Hybrid: Yes
Hybrid Inverter KW: 45
Delivery Time: 0-3 Months
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