Energy Renaissance + CSIRO: An award-winning collaboration that powers innovation

18 April 2024

At Energy Renaissance, we are driven by our unwavering commitment to developing safe, simple, and authentically Australian battery storage solutions. As pioneers in the domestic battery technology landscape, our mission extends beyond mere innovation; we aim to position Australia as a formidable player in the global lithium-ion battery market. Central to our journey is our esteemed partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s premier scientific research agency. This collaboration is more than just an alliance; it is a testament to the power of combining scientific research with industrial innovation to shape the future of energy in Australia and beyond.

Dr Howard Lovatt, Chief Technology Officer and Brian Craighead, CEO

Sir Ian McLennan Impact from Science and Engineering Medal

We are very proud of our collaboration with the CSIRO superBMS™ team which culminated in receiving the Sir Ian McLennan Impact from Science and Engineering Medal in 2023. This was awarded for the development of a Battery Management System; providing a solution to a global problem, supporting the expansion of Australia’s domestic battery manufacturing industry and helping to ensure the nation’s energy security. 


The award is named in honour of the late Sir Ian McLennan and recognises his contributions to the application of science and technology to Australia’s industrial development. The Sir Ian McLennan Award was established in 1985 by the leaders of Australian industry and technology to recognise outstanding contributions by CSIRO scientists and engineers to national development. The Ian McLennan Award is presented every two years.

CSIRO: Pioneering Australian Scientific Research

Our partnership with CSIRO, a beacon of scientific excellence and innovation, has propelled our technological advancements. CSIRO’s dedication to decarbonising energy systems through sovereign solutions echoes our vision of a sustainable and secure future. Their mission, aligning with global sustainability goals, ensures that our collaborative efforts contribute to Australia’s energy security and technological sovereignty.

A Collaboration That Powers Innovation

Since 2018, our synergy with CSIRO has been the cornerstone of groundbreaking developments in battery technology. This collaboration has birthed the development of our advanced battery systems, including the design and technology that underpin our superStorage™ family of batteries. Together, we embarked on an ambitious project with CSIRO and the Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC) to create the superBMS™, a cybersecure Battery Management System revolutionising how we manage battery operations, safety, and cybersecurity.

superBMS™: Elevating Battery Management to New Heights

The creation of the superBMS™, an award-winning and defence-grade, all-Australian Battery Management System, marks a significant milestone in our collaboration with CSIRO. As the ‘nerve centre’ for our batteries, the superBMS™ exemplifies our commitment to enhancing the reliability and reducing the operating costs of grid-scale energy storage solutions. Its seamless integration with our superEMS™ energy management system embodies the pinnacle of innovation in battery storage and management, offering a comprehensive solution that is uniquely Australian.

Advancing Australia’s Renewable Energy Sector

Our work with CSIRO extends beyond technological innovation. Together, we are laying the groundwork for developing an Australian battery supply chain, bolstering the nation’s manufacturing capabilities and fostering innovation in the renewable energy sector. This partnership is a beacon of our commitment to securing Australia’s energy future, promoting technological sovereignty, and advancing the Australian lithium-ion battery industry.

Energising Australia’s Future with Home-Grown Solutions

At Energy Renaissance, our collaboration with CSIRO is not just about creating advanced batteries—it’s about empowering Australia’s energy future with innovative, home-grown solutions. This collaboration encapsulates our shared vision of overcoming unique challenges and seizing the opportunities within the Australian energy landscape. By bringing together the best scientific research and industrial innovation, we contribute to Australia’s renewable energy sector and set a global standard for sustainable development and technological independence.

A science and industry collaboration for today and tomorrow

This collaboration is not just about creating batteries; it’s about empowering Australia’s energy future with home-grown, innovative solutions that cater to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the nation’s energy landscape and its position in the global market​ (CSIRO)​​ (iTWire)​​ (RenewEconomy)​​ (CSIRO)​​ (CSIRO)​​ (pv magazine Australia). 

Our collaboration with CSIRO is a powerful reminder of what can be accomplished when science and industry unite.

Our journey together is not just shaping the future of energy storage in Australia; it is paving the way for a sustainable, secure, and technologically sovereign energy future for all Australians.

Energy Renaissance and CSIRO at Australian Manufacturing Week 2024

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