Visualising a Green Future: Energy Renaissance's AR Battery Models Accelerate Australia's Clean Energy Adoption

19 May 2023

At Energy Renaissance, we’ve always been committed to innovative advancements that offer exceptional products to our customers and enhance their experience with our technology. Our journey since 2015 has been marked by a series of groundbreaking developments. Today, we are thrilled to announce our latest innovation: Australia’s first augmented reality (AR) models of our superStorage™ battery range.



This leap into the augmented reality space will revolutionise our customers’ planning and installation process. With the ability to “place” virtual models of our batteries on location, customers can now visualise precisely how our superStorage™ batteries would fit within their proposed settings. This experience aids decision-making and ensures a seamless transition from planning to installation.

But why is this significant? Let's delve deeper into the benefits this AR technology offers:

Informed Decision Making: Augmented reality allows better visualisation of our products within your specific environment. By observing the virtual model of the battery within your space, you can make more informed decisions about which of our products best fit your requirements.


Ease of Planning: This technology eliminates the guesswork. Using AR, customers can assess how well the batteries integrate into their infrastructure. It’s as simple as pointing your device at the desired location and “placing” the virtual battery model.


Interactive Engagement: Augmented reality transforms a traditionally static process into an interactive experience. Customers can virtually interact with our batteries, offering a deeper understanding of the product’s dimensions and structure, leading to more accurate planning and installation.


Reduced Installation Errors: With an accurate visual representation of our batteries within your space, the risk of installation errors or misjudgments related to space is significantly minimised.

As an Australian-owned and operated lithium-ion battery technology and manufacturing company, we’ve already marked several industry-first achievements. Our commitment to local manufacturing saw us exceed 90% Australian components in our products, build the first Gigafactory in the country, and develop the first 100% Australian CSIRO-authored cyber secure battery management system.


Our move into augmented reality underlines our commitment to continuous innovation. We’re excited to see how these virtual battery models will enhance our customers’ experience, making the planning and installation process more efficient, accurate, and interactive.


As we journey into this exciting new territory, we remain committed to supporting a renewable energy future and look forward to continuing to drive technological innovation in the industry. So, together, let’s embrace this immersive technology and continue shaping tomorrow’s energy landscape.


To experience our groundbreaking augmented reality batteries for yourself, visit our products page