Battery systems break past grid cost parity for businesses across Australia

1 August 2023

A recent turn of events in the energy sector has sparked an unprecedented opportunity. Solar power and battery storage have now reached cost parity with electricity from the grid for all small businesses across Australia. Based on the default market offers (DMO) recently announced by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) this breakthrough moment could not be more timely as we sit on the precipice of a true energy renaissance where it is not cheaper for everyone to consume their energy from the grid.

Analysis by the Australian Energy Council and CSIRO also shows that the levelised cost of renewable energy now hovers around 5 to 6c/kWh. Based on the energy costs shown by the DMO we are now at a point where it’s equally cost-effective to harness the power of the sun and store it in batteries to be used later as it is to tap into the grid!


This parity changes everything. Renewable energy technologies, previously touted as expensive alternatives, have suddenly become financially appealing. No more hesitation due to higher costs. Now, renewables like wind and solar are not only earth-friendly but also wallet-friendly.

This shift places a massive opportunity right at your fingertips. Our estimates show that using batteries to store renewable energy is an investment decision you can’t afford to miss. Over a 20 to 30 year time horizon, this truly becomes a no-brainer.

The difference between generating energy from solar and batteries vs the grid

Acting now opens up a world of benefits beyond cost savings. By backing renewable energy, you’re investing in a sustainable future, contributing to the reduction of harmful emissions, and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. And let’s not forget – when it’s a truly Australian-made system, you’ll be supporting the creation of local jobs and fostering economic growth.

So, it’s time to make a decision. 

Will you continue to follow the old path of waiting in line to upgrade your grid connection, or will you harness the power of renewables and take control of your energy security and energy independence? 


The choice is yours. We, for one, know where we stand. Join us in shaping a future where everyone wins!

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