Revolutionising Energy Procurement: The Energy Renaissance in Commercial Battery Storage

23 May 2023

We are standing on the precipice of a new era in energy procurement. As the world steadily embraces renewable energy, electricity providers are curating increasingly complex solutions for businesses. Consequently, it has become a formidable challenge for businesses to stay informed about the evolving trends and make educated decisions about their energy procurement requirements. This lack of clarity often translates into a substantial financial burden for businesses.

This is where Energy Renaissance steps in.

Our innovative commercial battery storage solutions simplify the future of energy procurement by offering businesses a more adaptive and economical way to manage their energy consumption. Our battery storage solutions can store surplus energy generated from solar, schedule peak demand reduction and provide backup power during outages, which effectively minimises grid reliance, slashes current energy bills and protects businesses from future energy price rises.


Australia is currently dealing with a major energy price crisis, with the Australian Energy Regulator predicting an upsurge of 14.7% – 25.4% in prices for small businesses, based on their location. However, with the significant decrease in commercial battery storage costs in recent years, businesses can now take control of their energy use by integrating battery systems into their existing electrical infrastructure. This cost-effective alternative has made battery storage a viable solution for businesses today! As per the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), battery storage could lead to an annual savings of up to $1.7 billion by 2040 for businesses.

Let's delve into how commercial battery storage can both simplify and minimise energy costs for businesses:

Peak Shaving/Tariff Arbitrage

With 17 different network businesses and 35 electricity retailers across the country Energy and network charges can be complex to understand, but with our battery storage systems we can take any electricity contract and schedule our batteries over the cloud to consume energy during low-demand and low-price periods and then dispatch the stored energy during peak hours when energy and network prices surge. This tariff arbitrage strategy helps businesses significantly reduce their energy expenditure through a simple set and forget solution.

Solar Optimisation

While rooftop solar installations are continuing to rise across Australia, businesses are now facing new challenges around electricity companies providing little to no benefit for exported energy. Through our superEMS™ portal our battery systems can be scheduled dynamically to capture exported solar during weekdays and weekends. This helps to minimise peak energy usage and improve the financial return of the both the solar and battery systems.

Backup Power

Although grid outages in Australia are quite low compared to it’s neighbours the commercial cost implications of grid outages are quite high. Our battery storage solutions can be configured to ensure power supply during outages, enabling businesses to avert costly installation and removal of diesel backup generators as well as maintaining site safety.

Despite the immense potential of commercial battery storage, the industry is grappling with supply shortages due to the escalating demand from the electric vehicle market, soaring raw material prices, limited manufacturing capacity, and the after-effects of the pandemic on manufacturing, shipping, and logistics. We at Energy Renaissance are rapidly scaling up to meet this increasing demand and support Australian businesses.

Success stories

Several Australian businesses are already leveraging our commercial battery storage solutions to simplify their energy procurement and lower costs. Here are a few examples:

Commercial Dairy Farm, Gippsland Victoria

By integrating our battery storage system, this dairy farm has successfully reduced its reliance on diesel generators, minimised energy costs, stabilised operations during peak load times, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The award-winning installation including our 520kWh Renaissance superRack™ system, along with a 520Kw rooftop solar solution, has reduced the farm’s dependency on grid electricity by up to 95 percent, leading to an estimated $70,000 savings in energy and fuel bills in the first year alone.

Automotive Parts Manufacturer, Melbourne Victoria

This light industrial parts manufacturer has embraced battery storage to complement their existing solar setup and reduce their grid power costs. The 122KWh battery storage solution enables them to fully harness solar power and drastically reduce operating costs.

Agricultural Asset Management, South East South Australia

With a Dairy portfolio that spans over 3350 hectares, this customer has implemented our battery storage systems at 4 sites to provide backup power for its crucial infrastructure, effectively replacing diesel generators. The integration of our 2900KWh Renaissance SuperRack solutions across four sites has created an economical, renewable off-grid power system that not only minimises costs but also meets greenhouse gas emission requirements.

If you are trying to negotiate a better electricity plan, get more value out of your existing solar system or simply planning to protect yourself from the future of volatile energy prices talk to us.


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