Navigating the future of energy: The power of simulation tools in streamlining design and decision-making

29 February 2024

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and a pressing need to address climate change, the energy sector stands at a crucial crossroads. The race to integrate renewable energy sources into our grids and commercial properties is not just about environmental stewardship—it’s also about seizing a competitive edge in a swiftly evolving market. As energy companies worldwide gear up to deploy gigawatts (GW) of battery storage, the question arises: how can businesses ensure they are making informed, strategic decisions in this high-stakes environment?


Enter simulation tools like Orkestra, which are revolutionising the way we approach energy design and commercial decision-making processes. These tools offer a glimpse into the future, enabling companies to navigate the complex energy landscape with precision and confidence.

Why Simulation Tools?

Simulation tools stand out for their ability to model complex energy systems, incorporating variables such as energy demand, supply fluctuations, and financial implications. For commercial and industrial properties looking to leverage behind-the-meter battery storage, these tools offer invaluable insights. They not only optimise energy usage and reduce costs but also contribute to a more sustainable energy ecosystem.


Q. How does the software simulation compare with real-life asset performance?

A. We run these simulations based on satellite data, providing the opportunity to adjust assumptions to help customers tune how optimistic the results are.

Simplifying Complex Decisions

One of the key challenges in deploying energy solutions is the complexity of design and the multitude of factors influencing commercial decisions. Simulation tools simplify this process by providing a clear, comprehensive view of potential outcomes. They allow businesses to test various scenarios, understand potential returns on investment, and make decisions based on solid data rather than assumptions.


Q. Can you consider other tech such as Flow Batteries?

A. Absolutely, the database is technology agnostic, allowing for a wide range of solutions to be modelled and analysed.

The Competitive Edge

The integration of battery storage is not just an environmental imperative—it’s a business strategy. Batteries offer the dual benefits of enhancing energy reliability and providing financial savings through peak shaving and demand charge management. In a market where every watt and dollar counts, being able to accurately predict and plan these systems’ outcomes can make the difference between leading the pack and falling behind.


Q. Can we model against NEM spot pricing?

A. Yes, you can, and the default is set to last year’s spot price data, ensuring your strategies are as up-to-date as possible.

Speed and Adaptability

In the fast-paced energy sector, speed and adaptability are crucial. Simulation tools enable quick iterations of design and strategy, allowing businesses to adapt to changes in the market or regulatory environment swiftly. This agility is critical in a landscape where policies and technologies are constantly evolving.


Q. Can you have GHG emissions reduction as a driver?

A. You can make a custom graph that shows the system rankings via GHG emissions, integrating sustainability directly into your decision-making process.

As we navigate this pivotal moment in energy history, the use of advanced simulation tools like Orkestra is not just advisable—it’s imperative. For businesses looking to thrive in the renewable energy transition, these tools offer a pathway to informed decision-making, optimised designs, and strategic advantage.


We are in a race against time and competition, but with the right tools in hand, we can not only contribute to a more sustainable world but also ensure our businesses are positioned for success in the energy market of tomorrow. Let’s embrace the power of simulation to make the complex simple and the future bright.

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