Energy Renaissance welcomes manufacturing leaders to Renaissance One

30 June 2023

Today, Energy Renaissance had the pleasure of hosting a site visit at our cutting-edge battery facility, Renaissance One. Organised by HunterNet and led by the Modernising Manufacturing Commissioner, Lisa Emerson, the visit was part of a broader effort to understand and address the challenges faced by Australian manufacturers.


During the visit, we introduced our guests to the advanced lithium-ion batteries that we proudly design and manufacture at Energy Renaissance. These high-performance batteries, tailored to cope with the intense demands of Australia’s harsh climates, are part of our commitment to ushering in a sustainable, electrified future.


Our batteries exhibit unique properties including superior thermal management, high reliability, and longevity. They demonstrate our technical prowess and innovative spirit. But beyond that, they also embody the potential for Australia to develop a homegrown battery industry, unlocking a wealth of opportunities for the domestic economy.


As the country’s leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Energy Renaissance is strategically positioned to play a catalytic role in this nascent sector. Our work can create a new demand pull for upstream critical minerals – a sector in which Australia is already a global leader. This synergistic effect can not only create a plethora of high-skilled jobs but also cement Australia’s position as a leading player in the global clean energy transition.


The site visit was a vibrant reminder of the exciting journey that lies ahead for Energy Renaissance, and for Australia. As we look forward to continuing to pioneer advancements in battery technology, we’re grateful for the invaluable dialogue and collaboration this visit has sparked.