Security. Batteries and our men in uniform.

Defence Grade Cyber Security

In an article by Air Vice Marhsall John Blackburn, Blackburn creates the causal link where “Energy security is fundamental to our way of life. Without energy security and without resilient supply chains, our Defence Forces will not be able to operate.”
COVID has served a challenge to Australia’s supply chain and it reinforced how vulnerable the country has been in putting our heavy reliance on global manufacturers for many products. This vulnerability was further reinforced in February 2020 when the United States announced that it will prioritise the domestic consumption and production of critical and rare earth minerals which would have a flow on effect on high capacity batteries.
Australia cannot afford to be at the end of a queue for these minerals. These incidents have reinforced how important it is for sovereignty in Australia’s supply chain and why we need to support the capacity to manufacture batteries locally for greater energy security.
Energy Renaissance is honoured to be the only battery manufacturer that is participating in the Army Robotics Exposition on 20 April 2021 at Brisbane. This showcase for Robotics and Autonomous System (RAS) concepts and technologies is being used to demonstrate how the adoption of technology can keep Australia safe from its adversaries.
We’re often asked why battery sovereignty has been a core value proposition in our business. By focusing our manufacturing capabilities in making batteries in Australia, we’ve made energy security a national priority for the benefit of all Australians.
In addition to putting a spotlight on energy security, we’re prioritising cybersecurity in the development of our superStorage family of batteries. Energy Renaissance is working with CSIRO and the Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC) to ensure we have a world-class defence-grade cybersecure Battery Management System (BMS) – the nerve centre of a battery – that is fully developed and managed in Australia.
We look forward to working with the Australia Defence to securely power Australia’s critical military infrastructure as the defence industry looks to transition its energy supply towards more renewables for its vehicles and facilities.