An Unseen Revolution: The Power of Energy Renaissance Battery Solutions

6 June 2023

Most businesses today have made Power Factor Correction (PFC) a standard part of their operations. PFC units are deployed to manage network costs, and indeed, they provide a significant benefit. For instance, a large-scale dairy farm in Victoria managed to shave off $10,000 per year from their electricity bill with the help of PFC. Similarly, energy services companies have been assisting businesses to save as much as $50,000 annually on electricity by installing PFC equipment.

But, while these savings are notable, they only address a fraction of the overall energy bill – between 10 to 20% in most cases. This begs the question: what about the rest of the bill?

Enter Energy Renaissance’s battery storage solutions. Born and bred in Australia, our innovative solutions represent an unseen revolution in energy management and efficiency. By providing power factor correction in parallel with peak energy tariff reduction services, our batteries do not merely replace the need for a separate PFC unit, but they enhance and exceed the benefits provided by PFC alone.

Energy Renaissance battery solutions are designed to optimise power factor and reduce peak demand, improving energy efficiency dramatically. In practical terms, this means that businesses can potentially see reductions in their electricity bills by 20 to 30%. In other words, not only do our solutions address the fraction of the energy bill that PFC manages, they tackle the vast majority that PFC leaves untouched.

But the benefits of Energy Renaissance battery solutions do not stop at cost savings. Just as PFC reduces the strain on the electrical grid and lowers emissions, our battery solutions amplify these environmental benefits. As such, businesses not only save on their energy costs, but they also contribute to a more sustainable energy future.

By utilising Energy Renaissance’s battery solutions, businesses can reap additional benefits. These include:

Improved Power Quality

By optimising power usage, our solutions help to reduce stress on electrical equipment, extending its lifespan and lowering maintenance costs.

Improved Energy Security/Reliability

Our batteries ensure a smoother power supply, reducing the risk of outages and enhancing overall system stability.

Peace of Mind

With our solutions in place, businesses can enjoy a more reliable electrical system, reducing the risk of downtime and other disruptions.

Energy Renaissance offers an integrated approach to address this concern with our Australian-made battery storage solutions. Our systems enable businesses to capture and exploit a larger share of their solar energy onsite, thereby maximising their solar investment returns, reducing dependence on grid electricity, and curbing financial losses associated with excess production export.


Are you ready to revolutionise your energy management and unlock the unseen benefits of your energy usage? Join the Energy Renaissance today. It’s time for your business to experience the renaissance in energy management that it deserves.


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