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We’re building an exciting future where the world is powered by clean, stored energy everywhere. Bring your passion to our team and build your career ambitions with a growing business that plans to create a stronger economy and society with better outcomes for the environment.

Our difference

Energy Renaissance is developing Australia’s first advanced lithium-ion battery Gigafactory. Working with our research collaborator CSIRO and committed to 100% Australian supply chain, we make batteries that are safe, affordable and optimised to perform in hot climates.


We are driving sustainable economic development and creating jobs in regional Australia. For every employee we hire, Energy Renaissance has the potential to create five jobs in upstream industries.


At Energy Renaissance, we recognise that attracting, developing and retaining a broad mix of people enriches our business and is essential to creativity, better performance and more sustainable business growth.


Building a workforce for the future

At Energy Renaissance, we invest in training to upskill our workforce. By investing in training programs, our employees will develop new skillsets that prepare them for the future.


An inclusive workplace

We’re building a diverse and socially inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued. At Energy Renaissance, we celebrate and embrace diversity in background, age, gender, skills, experience and thought.


Gender equality and empowering women

Energy Renaissances is committed to attracting women to traditional and non-traditional roles. We promote equal opportunity for women in our business including remuneration, attraction, retention and promotion. Our initiatives extend to increasing female participation in our industry from engagement through schools through to major subcontractors.


Indigenous participation     

Energy Renaissance values and recognises indigenous nations, peoples and cultures. We are proactively supporting increased indigenous participation within the workforce. At Energy Renaissance, we seek to create equitable opportunities for participation through training, employment and our business supply chains.


Leading through accountability

We believe in leading and advocating for a diverse and inclusive culture with a focus on leadership to set expectations, drive and be accountable for progress.

Career development

Energy Renaissance are looking for people who want to grow with a start-up and have an ambition to develop a clean energy market in Australia, Southeast Asia and beyond with us.


Our employees learn from the best and we help them grow and be successful in what they do with us. They are brave, think smart, embrace diversity and move fast.


Brave: We encourage bold thinking and welcome the hard work of exploration and challenging the orthodox.


Smart: We think smarter not harder to create innovative solutions that solve real problems.


Diversity: We are inclusive and collaborative and empower people to thrive. We embrace differences at all levels to spark innovation and better understanding.


Fast: We are ambitious, move quickly and encourage our people to drive and embrace change.

Employee benefits

  • Salary & Financial Benefits: Competitive fixed remuneration, discretionary bonuses, annual salary review and competitive superannuation plans
  • Flexible work policy
  • Leave: Annual leave and paid leave for a range of circumstances including parental, exam and study leave
  • Career Development & Training: Online and face-to-face training, talent and succession planning and Annual development planning
  • Wellbeing: Workplace wellbeing programs and wellness tools
  • Community Contribution: Community based programs for workplace giving and charities
  • Employee Assistance Programs: Assistance with personal and work-related issues
  • Entry Level Positions: Formal graduate program, apprenticeships and internships

Reconciliation action plan

Energy Renaissance is strongly committed to proactively supporting increased Indigenous participation within our workforce and we place a strong focus on training individuals from the Indigenous community.

We will connect with the local TAFE Aboriginal Education Units to introduce Energy Renaissance to current students, with the aim of engaging with them early to generate priority interest in Energy Renaissance as an employer of choice.


Energy Renaissance seeks to involve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through:


  • Employment strategies that will attract and retain Indigenous staff through our discrimination free and culturally safe environment.
  • A potential partnership with Clontarf Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the education, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
  • Providing work experience, school-based apprenticeships, career and employment opportunities through the Clontarf Academy schools.
  • Collaboration with key social enterprise partners and Supply Nation to connect with certified Aboriginal businesses with capabilities that complement our business.


Energy Renaissance embraces the diversity of thought through our workforce. We draw on the experience of employees coming from a range of different backgrounds, cultures and the skills they bring from a range of industries.

We are committed to attracting women to traditional and non-traditional roles. To encourage female participation in the workforce, Energy Renaissance seeks to provide meaningful employment and training opportunities through apprenticeships. We are focused on supporting gender equality and increasing female representation in leadership roles and supporting women leaders with training and development.


Energy Renaissance is committed to cultural diversity. We promote this through a formal Diversity and Inclusion policy, cultural awareness training for staff and recognising cultural protocols. We believe in celebrating culturally significant events and to raise awareness for diversity through employee communications and office/site events.

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