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Explore our recent customer success stories to discover how businesses are using our advanced battery solutions to transform their energy usage, drive cost efficiencies, and achieve sustainability goals.

3.5MWh of storage provides power for crucial infrastructure

Application: Diesel generator replacement

Location: Southeast, South Australia

Installer: Farming the Sky

System: 3480 kWh batteries [Renaissance superRack™ Twin]. 1924kW PV solar (across 4 sites)

With a portfolio of dairies, which span over 3350 hectares, this Asset Management Group has implemented our battery storage systems to provide backup power for its crucial infrastructure, effectively replacing diesel generators. The integration of almost 3.5MWh of Renaissance SuperRack™ solutions across four sites has created an economical, renewable off-grid power system that not only minimises costs but also meets greenhouse gas emission requirements.


This cost-saving solution supports carbon credits that unlock zero-interest finance for infrastructure, provides grid protection at end-of-line locations where sites are at the mercy of failing grid infrastructure and has the potential to provide additional revenue through FCAS.

Reducing costs for one of the world’s largest carbon-neutral dairy farms

Application: Solar Sponge, Peak Shifting

Location: Southeast, Victoria

Installer: Farming the Sky

System: 732 kWh batteries [Renaissance superRack™ Twin]. 300 kW PV solar.

This dairy operation was at risk of power outages and shortages, and vulnerable when it’s essential to both milk the cows twice a day and then cool and regulate the temperature of the milk at all times. With solar and batteries, the farm is able to eliminate the use of its diesel generator and reduce its energy costs. The estimated annual energy savings for the dairy farm is close to $80,000 per year and this will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 535 tonnes per year.


The Renaissance battery storage solution provides stability to the farm’s operations by reducing the use of grid electricity and supporting the dairy shed’s energy requirements during peak load times on the grid. By transitioning towards clean energy, this Dairy project will become a global leader in the reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions and it is expected to be one of the world’s largest carbon-neutral dairy farms.

Unlocking cost saving potential of existing solar

Application: Solar Sponge, Reducing Grid Reliance, Cost saving

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Installer: Farming the Sky

System: 122kWh battery [Renaissance superRack™ Twin]. 500kW PV solar.

This automotive parts manufacturer outside Melbourne has embraced battery storage to complement their existing solar setup and reduce their grid power costs. The 122KWh battery storage solution enables them to fully harness solar power and participate in FCAS. The installation has provided the potential for a new revenue stream for the business, reduced its reliance on the grid, created cost savings and allowed the business to improve its resilience to power outages.

Battery-powered milk delivers positive returns for farm

Application: Peak Shifting

Location: Gippsland, Victoria

Installer: Farming the Sky

System: 522kWh battery storage [Renaissance superRack™ Twin]. 250kW PV solar.

By integrating our battery storage system, this commercial Dairy farm in southeast Victoria has successfully reduced its reliance on diesel generators, minimised energy costs, stabilised operations during peak load times, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The 520kWh Renaissance superRack™ system, along with a 520Kw rooftop solar solution, has reduced the farm’s dependency on grid electricity by up to 95%, leading to an estimated $70,000 savings in energy and fuel bills in the first year alone.


The installed solution has seen the dairy farm receive the Natural Resource and Sustainability Management Award from the Dairy Australia Great Southwest Dairy Awards.

“It became quite clear that we would forever be at the mercy of rising electricity costs that would impact on our profitability if we didn’t make the transition to clean energy.”
Dairy Farm Owner

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