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We are Energy Renaissance. We are committed to a world where clean stored energy is available everywhere and to everyone.


We create and make lithium-ion batteries and technology, powered by Australian people and resources for a better economy and environment.  Our superStorage™ systems are delivered from our advanced manufacturing facility in Tomago, NSW. The superStorage™ platform is engineered and designed for security, safety and simplicity for Stationary and Transport applications.

renaissance one


Based in the Hunter region in NSW, Renaissance One is Australia’s first advanced manufacturing gigafactory producing lithium ion batteries and technology. We are Australian owned and operated, and are committed to workforce diversity and regional Australia. We deliver affordable, safe, secure and sovereign batteries for Stationary and Transport applications for a more sustainable future.


We call our first facility Renaissance One as it is the blueprint to many more battery manufacturing facilities – Renaissance Two and beyond – planned as part of the clean energy transition and catalyst for minerals to manufacturing in Australia.


Renewable energy storage is the key to a renaissance in the way we power vehicles, industry, government and communities. Energy Renaissance delivers lithium ion battery technology with several compelling and unique differences:

transport bms-01

Our superBMS™ battery management system drives all superStorage™ batteries. Simple, safe, secure and compatible with all SunSpec ModBus-compliant inverters

transport rugged-01

The superRack™ is ruggedised with a standard footprint reducing the cost and complexity of transportation and installation


The superRack™ is available in multiple configurations for both energy and power Stationary and Transport applications

transport australia-01

Designed, manufactured, serviced and supported in Australia for a safer, faster, less expensive and more responsive supply

smart, safe and sovereign

SMART Our proprietary battery management system unlocks the full battery potential and improves safety and security.

STRONG The superStorage™ platform is a rugged energy ‘brick’, superPak™ are galvanised steel and superRacks™ are seismic-rated.

EASY Transport without refrigeration (even in-rack) with clear and simple Australian-compliant installation instructions.

COOL The superPak™ and superRack™ are optimised for forced air cooling and need less air conditioning.

AUSTRALIAN All pre and post-sales service and support provided in Australia, to speed up service and reduce costs.

AVAILABLE Supply direct from our advanced manufacturing facility 20 minutes from Newcastle, NSW.

values drive our people.
people drive our values.

Be brave, think smart, embrace diversity and move fast. At the heart of our business are our people. We encourage bold thinking and welcome the hard work of exploration. We are inclusive and collaborative and empower people to thrive. We embrace differences at all levels to spark innovation and better understanding. We are ambitious and move quickly. We think smarter, not harder to create clever solutions that solve real problems.

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sustainable development goals


Energy Renaissance is committed to contributing to 7 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Energy Renaissance respects and acknowledges the traditional custodians of Country throughout Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise their rich cultures and connections to land, sea and community. Together, we commit to building a sustainable future together.